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Tomato Smilies!

Here are the Tomato Smilies I've made so far. You can't paste them anywhere else, but I like making them. They may have a new home soon! Expect some more soon!

Smilie Name Smilie Name
Happy Tomato Happy Tomato Smiling Tomato Smiling Tomato
She's a Sad Tomato! Sad Tomato Mad Tomato Mad Tomato
Winking Winking Ashamed Ashamed
Appalling, isn't it? Appalled Out of Whack! Wacky
Toothful Grin Teeth Shout Out! Loud Tomato
Weird Weird Tomato I'm Sleepin'! Sleeping
Don't Care One Way or the Other. Indifferent Spinning Tomato Spinning
Tomatoes Rule All Tomatoes! I Love King's Quest! KQ Lover
Smilies! I Love Smilies! Some Nutrition Facts! Anticarcinogen!
Tongue Perplexed

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