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Sister Sites
Youth Rights Sites!
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Sister Sites

Science Village
My beautiful other website! Science Village is an online science magazine, something for anyone interested in biology, chemistry, physics, geography, and everything in between. The current issue is the second Christmas issue and is about a Holly plant.

Eight Mine Fortress
Yes, my friends, yours truly has built yet another beautiful stop on your time-killing net surfing experience. The Fortress contains amusing stories, rants, statements, and whatever else I feel like putting up there, all written by me. I've even got me a pretty blog there called Sure, Why Not?.

Youth Rights Sites

National Youth Rights Association
Youth are some of the most openly oppressed people in this country. Brave soldiers come home from risking their lives, but are refused admission to a bar because they're deemed too young and immature just because they are not yet 21. A 16-year-old can be tried as an adult on a number of crimes, but is treated like a child if he wants to vote. This is not right! Support NYRA!

Another good youth rights group. They have a nice blog, too. Very worthwhile.

Substitute teacher spares none in his rants (albeit truthful rants for the most part), mostly about stupid people and how horribly children get treated. CAUTION: This site is very vulgar! Some content may also be disturbing.

Everything About Sex
No-nonsense, amoral, frank, and understanding site to help youth through difficult personal decisions. Get all the facts.

No New Freedom
Scary laws being passed that further takes away the rights of children in school and curtails any means parents have of protecting them. Read about it.


One and Four
NYRA president Alex Koroknay-Palicz has a lot of good and important stuff to say. He's a smart guy!

Jess Caralize is the oppressed, Europeanized, avant-garde daughter of a conservative, fundamentalist military couple. She's got a damn fine blog, there, though!

Eye Dream Awake
Jason Kende and I don't always agree, but he's pro-youth and very insightful.

The Wisdom of Change
It's the rather fine blog of the rather fine Kathleen.

Gwen's Spot
Gwen's got a fun blog of her own!

Game Related Sites

Sierra Planet
Kimmie's RWA Site (RWA meaning Roberta Williams Anthology) has become Sierra Planet. It still contains all sorts of information about all King's Quest games, both Laura Bow games, and anything else Roberta Williams has made. There are walkthroughs, Easter Eggs, cheat codes, and more!

Akril's Site
Akril has put together a very beautiful, colorful, creative site with characters from King's Quest, The Lion King, and other neat sources. Wow! Don't forget to check out her ZBS Fanpage and Message Board!

Ugarte's Dimension of Fantasy
Ugarte has made a cool site with King's Quest, Quest for Glory, Leisure Suit Larry, Gabriel Knight, Phantasmagoria, and Space Quest stuff!

Matt's QG Page
Lots of Quest for Glory stuff. This guy likes his Meeps! See his forum, too.

Quest for Heroes
The new location of the "Matt QG" forum and several others in a conglomeration of Quest for Glory and online role playing excitement!

AGD Interactive
Formerly Tierra Entertainment. They do remakes of old Sierra games. They've already made the first two Kings Quests and are working on Quest for Glory 2.

Game House
Lots of fun online games including some you have to pay for, but the free ones are good nonetheless. Includes the always addicting Text Twist!

Sierra Gamers
Ken Williams' site about the games he and his wife Roberta put out. Plenty of resources there.

Home of the Underdogs
Lots of game downloads! Also, they're working to make more older, forgotten games available.

100 Free Games
Plenty of freeware games and puzzles. I recommend it.

Really fun, addictive shareware game! It will grow on you! You won't be able to peel yourself away.

Message Boards and Groups

Bernadette's Corner, Too!
This is Bernadette's message board. It's a very nice community, especially for Sierra game fans! Every once in a while, she puts up a new, very cool forum! They're a great bunch! It's definitely worth seeing! Also, check out Bernadette's other message board, The Tax Corner.

Oktariina's Oasis
Fun, fun forum! Also has a lot of Quest for Glory stuff.

Laura Bow: Investigative Reporter
It's Susan's Laura Bow group! Laura Bow is awesome so go check this out!

Yahoo! Sierra Club
No, this isn't the environmental organization in San Francisco. This is an online club with fans of Sierra games. As you may notice, I have plenty of fansites on this links page.

Josh's Club of Quotes
A neat group. It's a place to share quotes and stuff.

TV Sites

The Simpsons
The Simpsons is my favorite TV show, so I thought I'd include a link to their official site. It's pretty neat.

Friends is another of my favorite shows, so here'a link to their official site, too!

All About TV Friends
This is a Friends fansite with a lot of neat stuff, like episode guides, scripts, sound clips, and other interesting stuff.

Adult Swim
Cartoon Network's nighttime lineup. Has some hilarious games and some strange cards to send your friends.

Music Sites

Collective Soul's Official Site
If you're a Collective Soul fan, check out this site. It has a LOT of info about the band. You know, considering it IS their official site!

REM's Official Site
This is REM's official site. It contains the discography of their past few albums among other stuff.

File Under REM
I learned a lot of REM lyrics from this unofficial REM fansite. Of course, they have much more than lyrics! You should check it out!
This site was very helpful in searching for information about various artists. If you're trying to find some band's official page or other information about them, this is the site to see!

Another great site for band information. Lots of history and biographies.

Other Cool Sites

Skatergirl's Site
A very colorful site made by Skatergirl, a fellow member of the Sierra Planet message boards. It's really, really neat!

Global Computing
Nice big lists of anything you need. I go here for the complete list of American colleges and universities.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
The IMDb has all kinds of information about TV shows and movies. They have quote pages, trivia, goofs, and other information about movies and TV. It's worth it to check them out.

Comedy Central's joke archive, it has any kind of joke you'd want from squeaky clean to very racy. Go see it.

This page right here, the one you're reading right now, is a Tripod page. If you want one, too, click on the link. I warn you they no longer let you post images on non-Lycos sites (i.e message boards).

The Onion
Funny online newspaper. Absolutely hilarious!

SERVEnet is a great tool for finding where you can volunteer in your community or hopefully get volunteers for your own project or event. It's run by Youth Service America, a Washington, DC-based organization encouraging youth volunteerism and helping to eliminate negative opinions of American adolescents. It's a neat site!

The Spark
Hilarious! Take a bunch of quizzes and see some other amusing tidbits. Highly recommended! Find out how long you're going to live.

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