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King's Quest 6
Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

KQ6 Screenshots

KQ6 Inventory

Name Where It's Found Use Short Way Only? Long Way Only? Absolutely Necessary for Game Completion Either Way?
Royal Insignia Ring Starting Beach Show to Guard Dogs, Ali, Ferryman, and Jollo, Trade into Pawn Shoppe, Give to Sing-Sing No No Yes
Coin Box under Board on Beach Buy One of Four Counter Items in Pawn Shoppe No No Yes
Clearance Book Ali's Bookstore Read to Oyster No No Yes
Rabbit's Foot Table in Ferryman's House Hold Out for Big Hands Gnome No No Yes
Flute One of Four Items on Pawn Shoppe Counter Play for Wallflowers, Trade for Another Counter Item No No Yes
Tinder Box One of Four Items on Pawn Shoppe Counter Light Up Lower Level Catacombs and Cave, Trade for Another Counter Item No No Yes
Mechanical Nightingale One of Four Items on Pawn Shoppe Counter Lure Sing-Sing, Fool Gnome with Big Ears, Distract Guard Dogs (short way only), Trade for Another Counter Item No No Yes
Paint Brush One of Four Items on Pawn Shoppe Counter Paint Castle Wall, Trade for Another Counter Item No Yes No
Poem Bookshelf Farthest to Right in Bookstore Give to Sing-Sing No No No
Magic Map Pawn Shoppe Teleport between Isles No No Yes
Stinch Flower Beach on Isle of Sacred Mountain Fool Gnome with Big Nose No No Yes
Pearl Oyster's Mouth Trade into Pawn Shoppe to Get Ring Back No Yes No
Where Are You Going? Offshore Isle of Wonder Give to Dangling Participle No Yes No
Milk Bottle Under Dogwood Tree Give to Baby's Tears No Yes No
Iceberg Lettuce Isle of Wonder Garden Throw into Boiling Pond No No Yes
Hole-in-the-Wall Wall in Isle of Wonder Garden Put on Catacomb Wall to Look Through at Minotaur No No Yes
Red Queen's Scarf Chessboard Land Entrance Distract Minotaur No No Yes
Rotten Tomato (yeah!) Isle of Wonder Garden Give to Bump-on-a-Log No Yes Take Him Anyway!
Dangling Participle Hanging on Branch on Isle of the Beast Return Him to Isle of Wonder No Yes No
Riddle Book Gift from Bookworm Give to Ali in the Bookstore No Yes No
Spell Book Gift from Ali Cast Spells No Yes No
Brick Isle of Beast, past Pond Damage Catacombs Falling Ceiling Mechanism No No Yes
Skull Catacombs Upper Level Fill with Burning Oak Embers No Yes No
Shield Wall in Catacombs Protection from Stone Archer No No Yes
Two Coins Skeleton's Eyes in Catacombs Pay Charon No Yes No
Dagger Gift from Lady Celeste Give to Cassima No No Yes
Hunter's Lamp Isle of Beast just after Pond Use as Teapot for Make Rain Spell, Trade to Lamp Trader No Yes No
Peppermint Leaves Dark Cave on Isle of Sacred Mountain Give to Vizier's Genie No No Short Way: Yes
Long Way: Only if Jollo had not been befriended or wrong or no lamp was selected
Sacred Water Gift from Oracle Pour into Hunter's Lamp No Yes No
Teacup Chair in Isle of Wonder Garden Fill with Swamp Ooze and River Styx Water No Yes No
Black Horse Feather Isle of Sacred Mountain Beach Stir Magic Paint Mixture No Yes No
Drink Me Bottle Table in Isle of Wonder Garden Drink in Presence of "Strange Cloaked Man" No Yes No
Scythe Isle of the Mists Village Chop Vines that Block Path No No Yes
Coal Isle of the Mists Pit Give to White Queen No Yes No
Beast's Family Ring Lent from Beast Give to Beauty (the slave girl) No No Yes
First White Rose Rose Bush in Beast's Garden Give to Beauty (the slave girl) No No Yes
Second White Rose Rose Bush in Beast's Garden Give to Sing-Sing No No No
Cassima's Letter Delivery from Sing-Sing None. Just hold on to it. No No No
Mirror Gift from Beast Short Way: Show to Fake Cassima
Long Way: Show to Lord of the Dead
No No Yes
Slave Girl Clothes Gift from Beauty Short Way: Wear to Enter Castle
Long Way: Put Out Cage Fire
No No Yes
Spoiled Egg Gift from White Queen Put into Ember-Filled Skull No Yes No
Nail Behind Portrait in Castle Unlock Trunk in Vizier's Bedroom, Hang Picture Back Up Yes No No
Ribbon Delivery from Sing-Sing Take Hair Strand from It No Yes No
Hair Strand Taken from Ribbon Add to Hot Skull No Yes No
Queen Allaria's Ticket Gift from Queen Allaria Give to Ticket Taker at Gate No Yes No
Handkerchief Gift from Mother Ghost Give to Little Boy Ghost in Castle Dungeon No Yes No
Skeleton Key Ground after Skeletons Dance Unlock Vizier's Trunk, Unlock Dungeon No Yes No
Gauntlet Dead Body past Realm of Dead Gates Read, Show to Lord of the Dead No Yes No
Replica of Genie's Lamp (Long, Blue) Lamp Trader Give to Jollo No Yes No
Letter from Shadrack Vizier's Trunk Give to Captain Saladin No No Yes
Genie's Real Lamp Gift from Jollo Control Genie No Yes No
Sword Wall in Tower Fight Vizier No No Yes

The necessity of some items depends on which road in the game is taken. Getting all Long Way items is necessary for a full score.

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