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King's Quest!

KQ Start Scenes

King's Quest Starting Screens

This is the Tomato World department dedicated to paying homage to some of the greatest games ever to appear on screen. King's Quest has sold more copies worldwide than any other game, and if you've played it, you know why! Unfortunately, along with many other games of its era and genre, it has fallen through the cracks of time and progress, so it is now near impossible to get your hands on a copy of this remarkable gem. I recommend sending a letter to Sierra to encourage them to rerelease King's Quest and similar classic games to the public, because being old and not requiring a lot of advanced features or hard drive space does NOT make it a bad game or obsolete! With a little effort, the adventure game genre will rise again!

Note: I don't have anything for KQ8: Mask of Eternity just yet. So far, enjoy what I have for the first seven!

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