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King's Quest 6
Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

KQ6 Screenshots

The images are a bit distorted. The game itself looks a LOT better!

Fun Stuff

  • Easter Egg-Click the TALK icon on the bear in the Pawn Shoppe.

  • Easter Egg-In the book shop, click the HAND icon on the shelf farthest to the left along the wall with the fireplace. Those are cookbooks. Find out why Alexander doesn't like cooking!

  • Talk to Rotten Tomato. After taking him, talk to him some more. Poke him. Try throwing him into the boiling pond, trading him into the Pawn Shoppe, and throwing him at the queens.

  • Try giving the stinch flower to the Pawn Shoppe owner and to Jollo.

  • When Alexander is climbing the Logic Cliffs, have him fall down from the third one up. Do this three times in a row and see what happens!

  • Try giving the coal to the Red Queen first.

  • Talk to Rotten Tomato after the swamp fight.

  • Eat the berries from the nightshade bush. Save before doing.

  • Try entering the little cave while the "old woman" is still there.

  • Try touching the sour grapes.

  • Touch the clinging vines. Save first!

  • Short Way Only: Give the peppermint leaf to the fake Cassima. Save before doing.

  • Notice the items around the Pawn Shoppe. Wouldn't some of them have been WONDERFUL for anyone stuck in the first five KQ games?

  • When talking to Cassima in the castle, try returning her ribbon or her note.

  • Talk to the Dangling Participle while carrying it.

  • Go back through the Catacombs after completing them to hear Alexander's message after again falling to the lower level.

  • In either the Minotaur's lair or the book shop, click any inventory item on the fire.

  • Click the scythe on the strange cloaked man in the Pawn Shoppe.

  • After solving the Catacombs floor puzzle, head west two rooms to see a fake Lady Celeste. Follow her into the next room to the west. Save before doing.

  • There is a lot of things in this game that determine who attends the wedding at the end. The end depends on whether or not you: befriend Jollo at the beginning, took the short way or the long way, and take over the genie's lamp or just kill him. Try as many ways as you can.

If you know of any more KQ6 Easter Eggs or other fun stuff that is not on this list, please let me know.

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