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King's Quest 5
Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder

KQ5 Screenshots

KQ5 Inventory

Name Where It's Found Points for Taking Use
Crispin's Wand Gift from Crispin 0 Recharge in Mordack's lab, fight Mordack
Silver Coin Ground in Serenia town 2 Buy Pie
Dead Fish Bucket in Serenia town 2 Distract Bear
Stick Ground near Bees 2 Distract Dog
Honeycomb Gift from Bees 2 Squeeze in Dark Forest
Gold Needle Haystack 2 Give to Tailor
Staff Bandit Tent 2 Open Temple Door
Gold Coin Temple 2 Pay Fortune Teller
Lamp Temple 2 Trap Witch
Amulet Gift from Fortune Teller 2 Protection from Witch
Key Hanging in Witch's House 2 Unlock Tree Door
Little Spinning Wheel Trunk in Witch's House 2 Give to Gnome
Pouch Drawer in Witch's House 2 Open to Find Three Emeralds
Emeralds Pouch 1 Offer to Elves
Shoes Gift from Elves 2 Give to Shoemakers
Boot Beside Skeleton in Desert 2 Throw at Cat
Rope Beside Graham in Inn Basement 4 Toss Up to Rock
Hammer Gift from Shoemakers 4 Open Inn Basement Door, Get Crystal
Tambourine Left by Gypsies 2 Scare Snake, Excite Dink
Leg of Lamb Cabinet in Inn 2 Eat when Hungry, Give to Eagle
Cloak Bought from Tailor 4 Wear when Cold
Marionette Gift from Gnome 4 Trade to Toymaker
Sled Gift from Toymaker 4 Sled Down Snowy Hill
Gold Heart Little Tree Door 2 Give to Willow
Harp Gift from Willow 2 Play for Queen Icebella and Harpies
Crystal Crystal Cave 4 Hold Up to Snake Guards
Locket Roc's Nest 2 Give to Cassima
Beeswax Remains of Honeycomb 2 Plug Hole in Boat
Iron Bar Beach 2 Open Grating
Fish Hook Harpies' Island 2 Reach Cheese
Conch Shell Harpies' Island Beach 2 Give to Deaf Guy
Second Dead Fish Mordack's Island Beach 2 Give to Manannan
Hairpin Fallen from Dink's Head 2 Unlock Maze Door
Bag of Peas Mordack's Pantry 2 Throw Peas to Trip Purple Monster Thing
Moldy Cheese Rat Hole 4 Activate Machine
Empty Sack After Emptying Peas 1 Catch Manannan
Mordack's Wand Beside Bed When Mordack's Asleep 3 Drain Power with Machine

ALL items are absolutely necessary for game completion!

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