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King's Quest 4
The Perils of Rosella

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Character Profiles

What we have here are bios for the characters we come across while playing Kings Quest IV. Enjoy!


Title: Princess Rosella of Daventry

Family: Daughter of King Graham and Queen Valanice, sister of Prince Alexander.

Age: 17

Signs of Spontaneity: Will jump into a mirror with a fairy she doesn't know, kissed a frog, entered dark troll cave without sufficient light.

Signs of Strength: Kept her head whenever in Lolotte's Castle or the Ogre's house.

Weaknesses: Can't survive a four-foot fall, helps anyone who needs it even if they're already dead.

Has No Problem With: Accepting a lantern from dwarves in exchange for their own diamond pouch, graverobbing, snatching an axe from someone's bedroom.

Secret Shame: Scared off the god of love to steal his bow and arrows.

Luck: Knowing to use the board when she did.


Occupation: Fairy

Source of Powers: Talisman

Enemy: Lolotte

Residence: Gigantic Palace on island west of Tamir

Pets: Snow leopard, peacock, parrots, magic hen, probably others

Servants: Tiny fairies

Weak Spot: Let her guard down enough to allow her enemy to abscond with her source of powers.

Resourcefulness: Knew to go to Daventry for a rescuer! (although may have wanted Graham but had to settle for his daughter)


Occupation: Evil Fairy

How Evil: Very

Appearance: Green skin, black attire

Residence: Black Castle atop ominous mountain

Servants: Ugly Flying Goons

Alleged Son: Edgar

Desires: Unicorns, magic hens, Pandora's Box, Genesta's talisman, a daughter-in-law, to get revenge on Rosella

Familiar: An unfriendly looking raven

Can't Handle: Love


Identity: "Son" of Lolotte

Appearance: Green skin, black hair, casual royal clothes

Likes: Rosella

Claim to Fame: Giving Rosella a rose with a key to get out of the tower, unsuccessfully proposing to her.

Real Identity: A normal human prince from another kingdom

Mystery: How he remained good hearted despite being raised under such evil circumstances.


Identity: Tamir's terrible ogre

Size: Huge

Residence: Thatched-roof house with wife

Pet: Gigantic, vicious dog

Usually Eats: Deer

Would Rather Eat: Rosella

Helpful Possessions: Magic Hen, Axe

Blind Spot: Falls asleep after eating and can't protect prized possession.

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