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King's Quest 4
The Perils of Rosella

KQ4 Screenshots

Fun Stuff

  • Easter Egg-Anywhere in the game, type in a swear word.

  • Easter Egg-Inside the whale, there is a bottle floating. Take it. There is a note inside. Read it.

  • Easter Egg-I've heard that after killing Lolotte, you can go to the prison cell, stand just outside of it, and type BEAM ME, and you'll transport to a strange Space Quest-like setting. This only occurs in the older, impossible-to-obtain AGI version of the game. I've never seen this myself, since all I have is the newer, SCI version. Sounds pretty neat, though!

  • Anywhere in the game, type UNDRESS.

  • When in Genesta's bedroom, type KILL GENESTA.

  • After you've taken the magic hen, type KILL HEN or EAT HEN.

  • Open Pandora's Box. Save before doing this.

  • When on screen with the scary trees, type CLIMB TREES.

  • Have some fun with the items you dig up for the ghosts. Play with the rattle. Wear the locket. Wear the medal. Play with the toy horse. Now don't you feel silly!

  • While in Lolotte's prison, say LOOK AT RACK and TURN WHEEL.

  • When on screen with the ogre, try TALK TO OGRE, TAKE OGRE, KILL OGRE, and KISS OGRE.

  • In the witches' cave, type EAT BREW.

  • Kiss anyone you can. Pan. The minstrel. The ogre. The witches. The fisherman. The unicorn. The zombies. The troll. The dwarfs.

  • Also, try taking anyone you can. Anyone on the above list and more.

  • Read all of the tombstones. Some are pretty weird!

  • Inside the whale, type DRINK WATER.

  • Whenever you see the raven fly by, type TAKE RAVEN.

  • At the swamp, put on the crown and go into the swamp. Save before doing.

  • Inside the whale, look at the skeleton and the boat.

  • In Lolotte's castle, at night, get caught by the guards. Save before doing.

  • After killing Lolotte and going back down the mountain, you can return to the castle if you want. Go back up the path and walk VERY carefully. You end up walking Rosella behind part of the mountain, so you can't see her walking, but rest assured this is a narrow path. Keep going up and left for a while, then go up and right until you see Rosella on a farther ledge. Just walk north and west, and then she'll be in front of the castle again.

If you know of any more KQ4 Easter Eggs or other fun stuff that is not on this list, please let me know.

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