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King's Quest 3
To Heir Is Human

KQ3 Screenshots

KQ3 Inventory

Name Where It's Found Points for Taking Use Absolutely Necessary for Game Completion?
Cup Manannan's Dining Table 1 Fill with Ocean Water Yes
Bowl Kitchen Shelf 1 Spell Mixtures Yes
Knife Rack in Kitchen 1 Cut a Piece of Cactus, Spell Tool Yes
Food Kitchen Table 3 Feed to Manannan No
Spoon Rack in Kitchen 1 Spell Tool Yes
Mirror Manannan's Vanity Drawer 1 Kill Medusa Yes
Rose Petal Essence Manannan's Dresser 1 Spell Ingredient Yes
Cat Hair Yank from Cat 1 Spell Ingredient Yes
Magic Map Behind Manannan's Closet Clothes 7 Teleport to Visited Scenes No
Key Atop Manannan's Closet 3 Unlocks Office Cabinet Yes
Fly Wings Floor in Manannan's Tower 1 Spell Ingredient No
Chicken Feather Plucked from Chicken 1 Spell Ingredient No
Snake Skin Desert 1 Spell Ingredient No
Cactus Desert 1 Spell Ingredient Yes
Acorns Under Oak Tree 1 Spell Ingredient No
Thimble Upstairs Drawer in Bears' House 1 Contains Dew No
Dew Mama Bear's Flower Bed 1 Spell Ingredient No
Mud Beside River, South of Bears' House 1 Spell Ingredient Yes
Ocean Water Ocean 1 Spell Ingredient Yes
Mistletoe Tree South of Dock 1 Spell Ingredient No
Dog Fur Petting Kenny the Store Dog 1 Spell Ingredient No
Purse with Four Coins Bandits' Hideout 4 Buy Store Items, Pay Pirates Yes
Fish Oil Bought at Store 1 Spell Ingredient Yes
Salt Bought at Store 1 Spell Ingredient No
Pouch Bought at Store 1 Spell Container No
Lard Bought at Store 1 Spell Ingredient Yes
Eagle Feather Dropped from Eagle 2 Spell Ingredient Yes
Porridge Three Bears' Table 2 Taint and Feed to Manannan! Yes
Fish Bone Powder Lab Shelf 1 Spell Ingredient No
Nightshade Juice Lab Shelf 1 Spell Ingredient No
Saffron Lab Shelf 1 Spell Ingredient Yes
Mandrake Root Powder Lab Shelf 1 Spell Ingredient Yes
Toad Spittle Lab Shelf 1 Spell Ingredient Yes
Toadstool Powder Lab Shelf 1 Spell Ingredient Yes
Magic Wand Office Cabinet 4 Activate Spells Yes
Dough-in-Ears Spell Product 10 Understand All Animals No
Magic Essence Spell Product 10 Transform into Eagle or Fly Yes
Cat Cookie Spell Product 10 Crumble Into Porridge Yes
Amber Stone Gift from Oracle 2 Spell Ingredient No
Shovel Ship, Screen with Pirate Beds 1 Dig up Chest No
Treasure Chest Buried near Palm Tree 7 None. Just for Points. No

You will need to make sure you have your game manual to perform the spells. If yours is lost or didn't come with your game for some reason, contact Sierra Customer Service.

This unofficial game webpage is not affiliated with Sierra. Most of the information here is copyrighted © 2000 by Sierra On-Line. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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