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King's Quest 3
To Heir Is Human

KQ3 Screenshots

Fun Stuff

  • Easter Egg-Outside Manannan's house, beside the chicken coup, type EAT CHICKENS.

  • Easter Egg-In Manannan's bedroom, go to the chamber pot and type USE POT.

  • Easter Egg-In the mountains, there is a waterfall. Go to it and say DRINK WATER.

  • Easter Egg-There is a tapestry just outside Gwydion's room. Say LOOK BEHIND TAPESTRY.

  • Easter Egg-When in the screen where you can see into the captain's room, type JUMP ON LADDER but don't press ENTER yet. Fall into the hole. Press ENTER as Gwydion is falling. You'll see something weird, but you can't turn it back to normal, so save before doing.

  • Easter Egg-Do you recognize the tune playing when in the screen with the gnome's house in Daventry? Now what cartoon with a bunch of blue creatures could that be from!

  • Type the word SCREW at any point in the game to get a funny message.

  • When Manannan's cat is on screen, try KISS CAT, PET CAT, KILL CAT, and KICK CAT. Also do these after performing the dough-in-ears spell.

  • Sit at the wizard's dining table for a while. Nothing will happen, but it's sort of fun. Try doing it while the wizard is sitting there!

  • When in Gwydion's bedroom, type LIE ON BED. He'll lie on the bed and fall asleep. He'll keep sleeping until you type WAKE UP.

  • Taste all of the strange substances on the laboratory shelves and the Rose Petal Essence. Save before doing this.

  • When Manannan is on screen, try TALK TO WIZARD, KISS WIZARD, KILL WIZARD, and TAKE WIZARD.

  • In the tavern when either the bandits or the pirates are there type KILL BANDITS or KILL PIRATES, whichever appropriate at the time.

  • After buying the four items at the store, go back to the bandits' hideout and take another coin purse. Then go to the tavern and buy a drink. See a drunken Gwydion!

  • Near the end of the game, become invisible in presence of the dragon and go untie Rosella. Save before doing this.

  • Turn into a fly in presence of the spider. Save before doing.

  • Keep talking to the pirate guard over and over. Save before doing.

  • On the pirate ship, when on the screen where you can see into the captain's room, type LOOK UNDER BED. Strange.

  • When going to the castle with Rosella, type TALK TO ROSELLA until she has nothing more to say. Type KISS ROSELLA, LOOK AT ROSELLA, and TOUCH ROSELLA.

  • Bother the three bears. Knock on the door. Walk into Mama Bear's garden while she's there. When the bears have left, enter the house and sit in all the chairs and sleep in the beds.

  • Activate the storm brew while on the ship. Save before doing.

  • Fly into the hole in the bandits' tree as a fly and return to being human while still inside. Save before doing.

  • Just after dealing with the Abominable Snowman and before the caves, type LOOK AT VALLEY.

  • Screw up the spells, even if you have all the ingredients and know what to do. Save before doing.

The Screwed Up Spells!

If you know of any more KQ3 Easter Eggs or other fun stuff that is not on this list, please let me know.

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