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King's Quest 2
Romancing the Throne

KQ2 Screenshots

KQ2 Inventory

Note: While some items aren't absolutely necessary to finish the game, obtaining all of them is necessary for getting a full score.

Name Where It's Found Points for Taking Use Points for Using Absolutely Necessary for Game Completion?
Basket of Goodies Grandma's Mailbox 2 Give to Little Red Riding Hood 2 No
Trident Beach 3 Return to Neptune 3 Yes
Flower Bouquet Gift from Little Red Riding Hood 2 Give to Mermaid* 2 No
Cross Gift from Monk 2 Protection from Dracula 2 for wearing, 3 for warding off Dracula No
Clamshell Beach 0 None. Just hides Bracelet. N/A No
Bracelet Beach, under Clamshell 7 None to Gain Points -7 No
Brooch Inside Rock beside Lake 7 None to Gain Points -7 No
Pot of Soup Dwarf's Fireplace 2 Give to Grandma 2 Yes
Earrings Dwarf's Trunk 7 None to Gain Points -7 No
Cloak and Ruby Ring Under Grandma's Bed 4 Gain Free Toxic Lake Crossing, Ward off Ghosts 3 Yes
Bottle Gift from Neptune 2 None. Just contains cloth. N/A No
Cloth Inside Bottle 2 Cover Birdcage in Hagatha's Cave 2 No
First Key Neptune's Giant Clam 5 Unlock First Door 7 Yes
Stake Sitting Against a Tree in the Woods 2 Kill Dracula 3 No
Mallet Inside a Tree Hole Northwest of Bridge 2 Pound Stake Into Dracula's Heart 3 No
Necklace Inside Fallen Tree 7 None to Gain Points -7 No
Birdcage with Nightingale Hagatha's Cave 2 Give to Antique Shop Woman* 3 No
Lamp Antique Shop 3 Receive Three Items 3 Yes
Magic Rug First Lamp Gift 1 Fly to Top of Cliff 4 Yes
Sword Second Lamp Gift 1 Less Valuable Way to Kill Snake and Lion 2 To Get: Yes
To Use: No
Bridle Third Lamp Gift 1 Throw onto Snake^ 5 No
Sugar Cube Gift from White Horse 2 Eat for Protection from Thorns 1 No, but it's REALLY recommended!
Second Key Inside Cave atop Cliff 5 Unlock Second Door 7 Yes
Candle Drawer in West Tower of Dracula's Castle 2 Light on Stairway Torch and Light Up Basement 1 Yes
Ham Dracula's Dining Table 2 Feed to Lion^ 4 No
Silver Key Appears after Dracula dies 2 Unlocks trunk in East Tower of Dracula's Castle 1 No
Pillow Dracula's Coffin 0 Hides Third Key N/A No
Tiara Inside Dracula's Trunk 7 None to Gain Points -7 No
Third Key Under Pillow in Dracula's Coffin 5 Unlock Third Door 7 Yes
Fishing Net Weird Beach 1 Throw into Water to Catch a Fish 2 Yes
Fish Caught in Net 1 Throw Back so He'll Ride You to Island 3 Yes
Amulet Lying on Ground on Island 3 Say the Word It Says after Finding Valanice 3 Yes

*=This task can be performed using the jewelry but for fewer points.
^=This is the more valuable alternative to using the sword.

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