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King's Quest 2
Romancing the Throne

KQ2 Screenshots

Fun Stuff

  • Easter Egg-When you reach the screen with Hagatha's cave, walk south, and back again. Keep doing this until you see the Batmobile drive out! Then type LOOK AT CAR or something like that.

  • Easter Egg-Just before the cave containing the second door key, there is a hole in a rock. Look into it to see something funny.

  • Easter Egg-Anywhere in the game, type WHAT IS GRAHAM LAST NAME. Makes sense.

  • Easter Egg-Go to the screen with the trident lying on the beach. Walk north. Now walk east. Go to the southern most tree on the screen. Type READ SIGN.

  • Easter Egg-Type SAY YIPPEE. It'll say "Ok. Yippee." Instead of yippee, you can use any word!

  • In the church, type KILL MONK. Be sure you're saved first!

  • When Little Red Riding Hood is on screen, try doing all kinds of things to her. Try TAKE GIRL, KILL GIRL, KISS GIRL, or anything else you can think of!

  • In Grandma's House, try KISS GRANDMA. Also, try KILL GRANDMA. Both give funny answers.

  • Go to the screen west of the magic doors, still on the side of the doors. Go back and forth. After a while, the thievish dwarf should show up. He can't get you when you're across the chasm, so just watch him run around for a while!

  • While underwater with Neptune, type WAVE TRIDENT. Then try giving it back to Neptune. Save before doing this.

  • Try giving the antique shop woman an empty birdcage.

  • In Hagatha's cave, type EAT BREW or TAKE BREW.

  • As soon as you step into Valanice's tower room, say MARRY GIRL.

  • In the tower with Valanice, type KILL GIRL. Also try TAKE GIRL.

  • After taking the amulet, type SAY HOME before reaching Valanice. Save before doing.

If you know of any more KQ2 Easter Eggs or other fun stuff that is not on this list, please let me know.

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