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King's Quest 1
Quest for the Crown

KQ1 Screenshots

KQ1 Inventory

Note: While some items aren't absolutely necessary to finish the game, obtaining all of them is necessary for getting a full score.

Name Where It's Found Original Points for Taking Remake Points for Taking Use Absolutely Necessary for Game Completion?
Dagger Under Large Rock West of Castle 5 5 Cut Rope in Well, Kill Dragon* Yes
Pouch Inside Rotten Tree Stump 3 3 Open No
Diamonds Inside Pouch 3 3 Pay Rat*, Pay Troll* No
Carrot Carrot Garden 2 2 Tempt Goat No
Ceramic Bowl Sitting Somewhere in Field 3 3 Say Word on Bottom, Give to Woodcutter No
Pebbles Original: Beside River
Remake: Beside Lake
1 1 Sling at Giant* No
Walnut Under Walnut Tree 3 3 Pay Rat*, Pay Troll* No
Four-Leaf Clover Clover Patch 2 2 Have it in Leprechaun Cave Yes
Key Gift without guessing gnome's name 3 3 Unlock Mountain Door* No
Beans Gift when name is guessed 4 9 Plant Beanstalk in Flower Bed No
Slingshot Tree Hole in Cloud Land 2 2 Shoot Giant with Pebbles* No
Golden Egg Nest in Big Tree 6 6 Pay Rat*, Pay Troll* No
Fiddle Gift from Woodcutter 3 3 Play for Leprechauns No
Cheese Witch's Cabinet 2 2 Give to Rat No
Note Witch's Bedroom 2 1 Read No
Mushroom Beside River 1 1 Eat to Shrink Yes
Shield Beside Leprechaun King's Throne 8 8 Give to King Edward Yes
Sceptre Beside Leprechaun King's Throne (after playing fiddle) 6 6 None No
Bucket Well 2 2 Fill, Throw on Dragon No
Mirror Dragon Cave 8 8 Give to King Edward Yes
Ring Gift from Elf 3 3 Wear to Become Invisible No
Chest Take when Giant is Asleep or Dead 8 8 Give to King Edward Yes

*=This is the less points-valuable way to go.

KQ1 Remake Screenshots

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