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King's Quest 1
Quest for the Crown

KQ1 Screenshots

Fun Stuff

  • Easter Egg-After the rat snatches the cheese from Graham's hand, it'll say that you'd better count your fingers because the rat grabbed the cheese so fast. Count your fingers!
  • On screen with the moat type PET ALLIGATORS (original) or PET MONSTER (remake).
  • Remake only: Get caught by the witch and see what she does with Graham! Save before doing.
  • Remake only: Walk Graham too close to the dragon and have him get burnt by the flame. The death message is weird! Save before doing this.
  • Try killing the elf.
  • Eat the witch's fence. That's good eatin'!
  • Original only: Try to kill King Edward.
  • Try to ride the goat. In the original, try riding before and after tempting him with the carrot.

KQ1 Remake Screenshots

If you know of any more KQ1 Easter Eggs or other fun stuff that is not on this list, please let me know.

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