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Builders Will Help You Here

Number of Lemmings: 50
50% to be saved
Release Rate: 50
Time: 5 Minutes

Builders Will Help You Here

Start a Builder as shown in the first above picture.
2. Keep the first lemming farther ahead of the others by making the ones behind him Builders right at the steps (so they bump the side of the steps and turn around).
3. Start this front runner Building right before the pit. If others come up behind him before he has Built completely across the pit, make them Builders on that same bridge to by some time. This will lead them right to the exit.
4. If a few lemmings to fall into the pit, just build them back out. If you run out of Builders, nuke them. Hopefully more than the allotted 50% will have already gotten to the exit. If not, try again!

Fun Fact
This level provides pretty good practice on using Builders and approximating bridge lengths. Also, you make some Builders just to slow them down, a technique that will prove very useful later on.

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