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Lower the Drinking Age!

Civil rights is a very important issue to the residents of Tomato World! While our tomatoes respect each other and treat one another as equals, regardless of ripeness or color or anything, the same, sadly, cannot be said about humans.

So that is why Tomato World roots for the National Youth Rights Association, because youth deserve equal treatment in society. This includes the drinking age, which here in the United States, is up at 21. If legal adulthood is reached at 18, why are these legal adults, who are deemed mature enough to get married, go to war, and do plenty of other serious, life-altering activities, not allowed to even have a glass of wine with dinner?

Currently, several brave members of NYRA are in Vermont, where there is a proposal to lower the state drinking age to 18. Tomato World wishes them the very best and hopes they will be successful, for even if the proposal does not pass, this campaign will educate people on the truth about the minimum legal drinking age, what the real (and rather devastating) effects of such strict prohibition of youth are. Did you know parents can be arrested for allowing their children to drink safely and moderately with them? That is not right. While both NYRA and Tomato World STRONGLY condemn binge drinking and drunk driving, it is ridiculous to assume you have to be a certain age to not only enjoy alcohol responsibly but also to learn to enjoy it responsibly.

So, please, visit the following links and learn more about this issue. Cheer on NYRA-Vermont and spread the word about their efforts. With some support, we can end our days of dangerous prohibition-era-esque bingeing among young Americans, and teach them to drink alcohol in moderation only, if they choose to drink at all. Here are the links!

National Youth Rights Association - Drinking Age
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