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Tomato Talk


The following will result in a closed or deleted post or thread:

  • Heavily flaming or slamming others on the boards for any reason.
  • Being very offensive to any particular group of people.
  • Harassing others.
  • Discussing topics which involve very explicit material.
  • Disregarding my warnings.

I will allow the following to a certain extent:

  • Swearing. But I will delete any extremely disgusting words or phrases.
  • Mildly sexual material.
  • Scolding or being rude to any other members.

The following are definitely allowed and even recommended:

  • Posting images, such as nametags, a neat picture you found somewhere, your own smilies, etc. Hell, I have a whole forum for images!
  • Sharing links to your own website or to a website you like. There's a forum for this too!
  • Telling us about something that we probably haven't heard about. Just make sure it's real and not made up!

Don't worry about these rules too much! I want you to enjoy yourself in Tomato World. All I ask is that you help keep it enjoyable for yourself and for others on the board. Just follow these rules and you'll be fine!