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The Self-Esteem Quiz

How Do You Feel about Yourself?

  1. You just finished taking a quiz in your science course. How do you think you did?
    1. I did well; I could've done better, but I did well.
    2. I must say that I've got to study one of these days.
    3. So much for the selective graduate school I was thinking of applying for.

  2. A friend of yours asks if you'd ever consider a career as a writer. You say:
    1. Now there's an idea! Think of everything I could do with that!
    2. I was never good at writing and always did badly in English.
    3. Career?

  3. In front of you stands a ten foot wall which you must climb. You say to yourself:
    1. This is easy. I wonder if there's a real challenge.
    2. My cat wouldn't even be able to climb that!
    3. I think it's about to fall on me.

  4. Your friends just ditched you and you are not sure what to do next. You:
    1. Find new friends, though still being nice to those old ones.
    2. Hold a grudge against your old friends, trying to trip them any time they pass.
    3. Run home and cry for several hours, realizing you'll have to do the God Awful Thing: Rely on family members (ugh!)!

  5. After hurting your leg when skiing, you decide:
    1. Oh, well! I'd better just get up and keep going.
    2. My leg hurts! I'm stopping for this year!
    3. Skiing sucks! I never want to do it again in a million years.




50-70: Plan on a happy future! You'll lead a life better than some others!
80-110: You've got an entire life to do stuff. Don't waste it!
120-150: Relax. There's always a way to do something without it having to be the option you'd much rather not take. You're smarter than you think, too!

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