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The Pets Quiz

What Pet Would Be Right for You?

  1. You like pets who:
    1. Don't bother you any, just move around doing whatever.
    2. Protect you when needed.
    3. Do your work for you.

  2. You want a pet who can stay:
    1. In a tank or a cage.
    2. Free, maybe in a cage during the younger years.
    3. In any environment, small or large, wet or dry, hot or cold.

  3. You throw a ball to your pet, who comes in contact with the ball and then:
    1. Gets severely injured, or just very shocked and startled.
    2. Catches it.
    3. Catches it and throws it back.

  4. Life's not quite going your way, so you say things to your pet, and you expect him/her to:
    1. Not hear you, or not care about you.
    2. Though he/she wouldn't understand, he/she would tell you're upset and try to comfort you.
    3. Tell you it's okay and say comforting words to you.

  5. You take your pet somewhere where you climb a tree. You'd like your pet to:
    1. Sit and not move, just watch if he/she wants to.
    2. Watch you go up, though worried you might fall. He/She might follow, or try to.
    3. Climb up with you, helping you up near the top.




50-70: You should get a bird or fish.
80-120: You should get a dog or cat.
130-150: You should get real.

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