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The Personality Quiz

What Kind of Person Are You?

  1. Your friend walks by your desk and accidentally knocks your book onto the floor. You:
    1. Forgive him/her and pick up the book.
    2. Ask him/her to pick up the book.
    3. Make him/her pick up the book and apologize, not to mention your lengthy grudge.

  2. Your sister borrows your sweatshirt, but she accidentally gets a chocolate stain on it. You:
    1. Don't mind and clean off the stain or buy a new sweatshirt.
    2. Ask her to clean the stain and say she can never again borrow your clothes.
    3. Throw the sweatshirt violently back at her and make her buy you a new one.

  3. Your dog is latch-key and very obedient, but he leaves a little surprise on your rug. You:
    1. Clean up his stain with slight angst.
    2. Put him outside for the rest of the day.
    3. Lock him in his cage, occasionally kicking the side, and consider giving him away.

  4. At a crowded event, a guy/girl you don't really like invites you to a party. You:
    1. Tell him/her that you'll go. It might be fun.
    2. Say no and that's it.
    3. Yell negatively, loud enough that pretty much everybody can hear.

  5. Your friend is rock climbing with you when he/she asks you to retrieve his/her coat that was left up there on a rock, and you reply:
    1. "Okay, no problem."
    2. "Okay, but it'll cost you."
    3. "Shut up and get it yourself, you lazy slug!"




50-70: You're passive.
80-110: You're assertive.
120-150: Hey! We're only human!

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