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The Parents Quiz-For Adolescents!

What Kind of Parents Do You Have?

  1. You just woke up two hours after school started. Your mom:
    1. offers to drive you to school with an excuse note.
    2. first drives your little sister to school, then takes you without a note.
    3. makes you walk and says you're grounded for a month.

  2. You just got a lousy grade on your Algebra quiz, so your parents react by:
    1. trusting that you know what you did wrong and you won't do it again.
    2. immediately hire a tutor for you, assuming you don't know the material.
    3. lock you in the dining room for three hours while you study.

  3. You are newly hanging out with a group of friends who smoke (just tobacco), while you don't. Your dad then:
    1. says it's okay as long as you don't start smoking yourself.
    2. allows you to hang out with them with slight anxiety, and he gives you a curfew of nine thirty.
    3. forbids you to hang out with them and checks your pockets everyday for cigarettes of any kind.

  4. You're watching "South Park," and when you mom comes in at a part where one of the four boys begins shouting all these cuss words, she:
    1. really doesn't care as long as your little brother doesn't see anything.
    2. warns you that it's a bad influence and suggests you stop watching it.
    3. forbids you to ever see anything more explicit than Sesame Street.

  5. Your dad finds all these pornographic magazines in your room. Next time he sees you he:
    1. asks where you got them, and that's about it.
    2. doesn't care that you have them as long as he gets to drone on about his tedious story of his teenage years and when reading such magazines. That is, as if he doesn't still read them now.
    3. takes away the magazines and holds a very long grudge for having them.




50-70: Good parents.
80-110: Okay parents.
120-150: Have you considered moving in with your childless aunt?

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