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The Parents Quiz

What Kind of Parents Do You Have?

  1. You've just decided to buy a new car. How do your parents react?
    1. They are very supportive. They believe whichever car you buy and however you deal with the payments is something you can handle.
    2. They wonder about the expense of a new car and try to convince you that the car you already have is still in perfect condition.
    3. They accuse you of splurging, never listening to them, and having no values.

  2. How often do your parents call you?
    1. They call a maximum of three to four times a week.
    2. They call between five and ten times a week.
    3. They call between five and ten times a day.

  3. Something serious has come up, and you may not be able to spend Thanksgiving with your parents. How do they feel?
    1. While they still wish you could come, they realize the importance of your task and trust you'll show up at Christmas.
    2. They think you're just trying to get out of having to see them, so they insist they have the phone number of wherever you are, so they can constantly call you.
    3. They invite you to dinner at their house before you leave, but then they lock you in a room to keep you from going anywhere. This could be metaphorical or not.

  4. You're getting married! You've just told your parents the exciting news. How are they about it?
    1. They're probably more excited than you are. They offer to help with anything you may want for this occasion. They may overdo it a little, though.
    2. They wish you had waited a little longer, but they seem satisfied with your fiancÚ.
    3. Nothing is making them happy. They don't like their future son/daughter-in-law, where the wedding is being held, who's coming, what you're wearing, etc.

  5. How eager are your parents to have grandchildren?
    1. They may have mentioned it once or twice that they would like some.
    2. Every once in a while they ask when you're going to have your first child.
    3. It's pretty much their only conversation with you.




50-70: Nice, supportive parents.
80-110: High expectations but some trust.
120-150: You have my pity.

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