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The Open-Mindedness Quiz

How open-minded are you?

  1. You're in an art museum and you're looking at the David statue. You think:
    1. It's a beautiful piece of artwork, displaying the human body without shame.
    2. I'm bored, let's go home.
    3. Ew! It's naked! This should be banned!

  2. You're on vacation when you notice that everyone there is different from your lifestyle. In reaction, you say to yourself:
    1. These people have a very unique lifestyle.
    2. Is this trip over yet? This is so boring!
    3. These people are weird. I don't like them. My ways are definitely better.

  3. You've been given a little statuette for Christmas that depicts Venus de Milo. You:
    1. Keep the statuette on your bookshelf, admiring it every time you pass it.
    2. Stick it somewhere in your house, eventually forgetting about it.
    3. Hide it somewhere in disgust.

  4. A new employee in your office doesn't speak English very well. You think she's:
    1. Still an intelligent girl, despite being used to her native language.
    2. Just as boring as anyone else.
    3. Stupid and shouldn't be in this country.

  5. You've just read Shakespeare's "Hamlet" and you think back at the story. You think:
    1. It's touching, and a marvelous work with the early Modern English language.
    2. Who would actually consider that boring thing as entertainment?
    3. Who could possibly understand what the hell he's trying to say?




50-70: You're very open-minded and appreciative.
80-110: Try to be excited.
120-150: Give things a chance!

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