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The Creativity Quiz

Are You Very Creative?

  1. Let's say you have a pet bobcat. You name him:
    1. Rufus
    2. Bubsy
    3. Bob

  2. You've been let loose in a department store to buy clothes. You get:
    1. a well matching t-shirt to cover with a stylish sweatshirt, as well as a pair of nice jeans that match.
    2. you see one of your acquaintances over in another department and you get his/her almost exact outfit.
    3. the first thing you see, even if it doesn't fit or coordinate.

  3. Your church group asks you to make a poster for an up-coming event. You:
    1. buy the nicest looking ribbons and use quality poster board to make the best poster one's ever seen.
    2. pull out the markers and throw something together within five minutes.
    3. on a white poster board you use pencil to draw a turkey, and maybe some detail about the event.

  4. For your little sister's birthday you've been asked to set up the decorations for her, so you:
    1. put things all around, and they all have Snoopy on them which she likes.
    2. put some streamers, the colors coordinate, not to mention an angel food cake.
    3. procrastinate for a while, and when it's down to the last minute you take a piece of notebook paper out of your binder and wish her a happy birthday.

  5. You're taking an English course and you have to write about how you spent Christmas. You:
    1. lavish the paper with details about your visit to your grandmother's house.
    2. say what you did with little or no enthusiasm.
    3. don't finish the assignment.




50-80=You are very creative.
90-120= You're creative, but not that much.
130-150= Just remember this: You have a brain. Use it!

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