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Game Room

Hello! Welcome to the Tomato World Game Room! This Tomato World region is dedicated to a variety of games, from the board to the computer. Click on something below to further explore the Game Room! Have fun!

King's Quest Center
Probably the best computer game ever made, the King's Quest series consists of eight challenging yet very amusing games, all based on the royal family of a mythical kingdom called Daventry. This series is created by Roberta Williams, the Queen of Computer Games (that's not her real title, but it should be!) To learn more about the games, or if you are already a fan and want to see what I have here, come on in to King's Quest Center! Right now, however, I have information for just the first few games, but I'm progressing. Everything should be here within a couple months, I hope. This area also contains or will contain elements from the two Laura Bow games, also by Roberta Williams. Enjoy!
Minesweeper House
It's been part of Windows for many years. Click on Programs in the Start Menu. Open up Accessories. Once there, open up Games. The third one down should be Minesweeper! Play it. A bunch of grey squares? Hey! There's a number under this one! Oh, no! Now I opened a mine! Game over. Click on the smilie face and try again. Minesweeper is often misunderstood, but once you get to know it, it can really stick to you. Want to learn some more about it? Come on inside Minesweeper House to learn more about this strange but enjoyable guessing game. Come on!