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King's Quest 7
The Princeless Bride

KQ7 Screenshots

KQ7 Inventory

Name Where It's Found Character Chapter Used Use Absolutely Necessary for Game Completion?*
Comb Start Out Possession Valanice 1, 3, and 5 Make Valanice Cry, Show to Archduke of Falderal, See Vision of Rosella in Statuette Yes
Cloth Cactus Valanice 1 Hang on Stick to Distract Scorpion No
Stick Beside Pool Valanice 1 Whack Prickly Pear from Cactus, Attach to Cloth to Make Flag Yes
Basket Little Cave Valanice 1 and 3 Take Kernel, Trap Spider Yes
Clay Pot Little Cave Valanice 1 and 3 Carry Salt Water, Fresh Water, and Nectar Yes
Corn Kernel Inside Basket Valanice 1 Plant at Damp Sand Yes
Ear of Corn Cornstalk Valanice 1 Put in Statue's Hand Yes
Bug Reducing Powder Gift from Colin Farwalker Valanice 1 Shrink Giant Scorpion No
Rope Gift from Colin Farwalker Valanice 1 Set Between Two Cacti to Trip Jackalope No
Hunter's Horn Beside Colin Farwalker's Skeleton Valanice 1 Blow into Jackalope's Hole No
Kangaroo Rat's Glasses Dropped after Tripping Jackalope OR Blowing Jackalope Out of His Hole Valanice 1 Return to Kangaroo Rat Yes
Flag Hang Cloth on Stick Valanice 1 Distract Scorpion No
Arrow Key Temple Puzzle Valanice 1 Combine with Other Piece to Open Door Yes
Gourd Seed Split Gourd Valanice 1 Trade to Kangaroo Rat Yes
Blue Bead Gift from Kangaroo Rat Valanice 1 Drop into Offering Plate Yes
Arrow Top Offering Plate Valanice 1 Fit with Arrow Key and Put in Arrow-Shaped Slot Yes
Salt Crystals Beside Pool Valanice and Rosella 3 and 4 Eat to Enter Faux Shop Yes
Prickly Pear Cactus Valanice 1 and 3 Give to Gila Monster Yes
Mechanical Rat Floor in Vulcanix Underground Scene with Mathilde Rosella 2 Distract Chef, Scare Malicia Yes
Shield Wall Rosella 2 Use as Wheel for Cart Yes
Baked Beetles Dispenser in Kitchen Rosella 2 Give to Mathilde Yes
Brass Bowl Kitchen Shelf Rosella 2 Give to Mathilde So She Can Throw a Fit No
Gold Bowl Kitchen Shelf Rosella 2 Give to Mathilde with Emerald Water Yes
Emerald Water Sulfur Cave Rosella 2 Fill Gold Bowl Yes
Lantern Sulfur Cave Rosella 2 Hold Spark Yes
Spark Blacksmith's Fire (put lantern on it) Rosella 2 Give to Crystal Dragon Yes
Red Crystal Gift from Crystal Dragon Rosella 2 Give to Oppi Goldsworth Yes
Hammer and Chisel Gift from Oppi Goldsworth Rosella 2 and 4 Cut Crystal Dragon Scale, Free Black Cat, Cut Metal Grape Yes
Crystal Dragon Scale Taken from Crystal Dragon's Tail Rosella 2 Give to Mathilde Yes
Wet Sulfur Sulfur Cave Rosella 2 Throw into Blacksmith's Fire (after talking to mud bath women) Yes
Tongs Blacksmith's Rack Rosella 2 Throw Hot Case into Cool Water Yes
Silver Spoon Hot Case Rosella 2 Give to Mathilde Yes
Silver Pellet Remains of Spoon after Mathilde's Spell Rosella 4 Put in Stocking to Get Rid of WereBeast Yes
Dragon Toad Falls out of Secret Passage with Rosella Rosella 2 and 4 Give to Mathilde and King Otar Yes
Rope Gift from Mathilde Rosella 2 Attach to Elevator Yes
Treasure the China Bird Cage in Falderal (talk to Fernando first) Valanice 3 Return to Fernando the Bull Yes
China Mask Gift from Fernando Valanice 3 Wear in Masquerade, Trade in Faux Shop Yes
Statuette Archduke's Office Valanice 3 and 5 See Rosella's Progress, Give to Green Trader Yes
Wooden Nickel Mockingbird's Nest Valanice 3 Buy Book in Faux Shop Yes
Book Faux Shop Valanice 3 Trade to Kangaroo Rat Yes
Rubber Chicken Faux Shop Valanice 3 and 5 Take Feather, Fling Moon Back to Sky Yes
Feather Take from Rubber Chicken Valanice 3 or 5 Wake Feldspar (talk to Attis first) Yes
Nectar Gift from Hummingbird Valanice 3 or 5 Refill Statue by River Yes
Shepherd's Crook Gift from Kangaroo Rat Valanice 3 Grab Moon from Pool in Falderal Yes
Backbone Kids' Pumpkin House Rosella 4 Return to Dr. Cadaver Yes
Foot in a Bag Kids' Pumpkin House Rosella 4 Feed to Carnivorous Plants Yes
Weird Pet Gift from Dr. Cadaver Rosella 4 Give to Ghoul Kids Yes
Iggy the Rat Saved from Ghoul Kids Rosella 4 Return to the Gravedigger Yes
Gravedigger's Horn Gift from Gravedigger Rosella 4 Blow at Area with Bones (after talking to cat about it) Yes
Extra Life Gift from Black Cat Rosella 6 Give to Edgar at End of Game No
Magic Wand Gift from King Otar Rosella 4 and 6 Zap Otar into and from Scarab Form, Zap False Otar Yes
King Otar Scarab King Otar's Disguised Form Rosella 4 Just Hang On to Him Yes
Black Cloak Appears in Graveyard Rosella 4 Wear It in Ooga Booga Yes
Defoliant Gift from Dr. Cadaver Rosella 4 Kill Swamp Monster, Ward Off Cuddles Yes
Shovel Beside Gravedigger's Shed Rosella 4 Dig Tunnel Under Malicia's House Yes
Wool Stocking Malicia's Dresser Drawer Rosella 4 Fling Pellet at WereBeast, Wipe Mirror-Room Message Yes
Mysterious Device Malicia's Dresser Drawer Rosella 4 and 6 Plug into Socket in Volcano Control Room Yes
Metal Grape Wall in Mirror-Room Rosella 4 Give to Cherub Statue Yes
Moon Falderal Fountain Valanice 5 Fling Back into Sky via Rubber Chicken Yes
Jackalope Fur Cactus by Jackalope Hole OR Cactus by Path Valanice 1 and 5 Add to Salve Yes
Salve Gift from Green Trader Valanice 5 Add Jackalope Fur to It, Rub on Self, and Become a Swift Jackalope Yes
Bone Kids' Pumpkin House Valanice 5 Give to Dog (talk to cat first) Yes
Dynamite Stick Dropped by Ghoul Kid Valanice 5 Stick in Lock on Horseman's Tomb Yes
Medal Gift from Dog Valanice 5 Give to Lady Tsepish Yes
Horseman's Head Tomb Valanice 5 Give to Headless Horseman Yes
Flute Gift from Horseman Valanice 5 Play to Call Horse for Ride to Etheria Yes
Ambrosia Top of Etheria Valanice 5 Replenish Cornucopia, Give to Little Fairies Yes
Pomegranate Inside Replenished Cornucopia Valanice 5 Give to Lord Attis to Save Lady Ceres Yes
Dreamcatcher Gift from Fates Valanice 5 Catch Nightmare in Dreamweaver's Cave, Unleash Nightmare on Other Nightmare Yes
Rug Gift from Dreamweaver Valanice 5 Fly to Dreamland Yes
Crystal Shaft Malicia's Lamp Valanice 5 Fill with Sunlight (desert temple), Give to Queen Mab Yes
Bridle Gift from Queen Mab Valanice 5 Catch Wind Yes

*=The necessity of items here is based on starting from Chapter 1 and playing through.

This unofficial game webpage is not affiliated with Sierra. Most of the information here is copyrighted © 2000 by Sierra On-Line. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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