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King's Quest 7
The Princeless Bride

KQ7 Screenshots

The images are a bit distorted. The game itself looks a LOT better!

Fun Stuff

  • Easter Egg-In the troll kitchen, click on the oven. Rosella will remark about how it could be cooking a moose. Try this. It could be!

  • Try trading in the King Otar scarab to the Kangaroo Rat. Also try trading the Extra Life.

  • Give Colin Farwalker (the ghost in the desert) a pot of salt water. It's not very nice!

  • Walk out into the open desert and drink the salt water. May need to try a couple of times because sometimes she'll just pour it out.

  • In the ghost kids' house, play with the jack-in-the-box as both Rosella and Valanice.

  • Try finishing the game without giving Edgar the extra life.

  • At the end after zapping Malicia, Cuddles will run in. Zap him too.

  • In the Dreamweaver's cave, try touching the threads.

  • Listen to all of the Mockingbird's insults.

  • Wake up Feldspar without first talking to Lord Attis about him.

  • Spray the carnivorous plants with the defoliant. Hehe!

  • Try to grab the flower without giving the foot to the plants. Do this as Rosella.

  • In the ghost kids' house, try talking to the little faces on the shelf. Eek!

  • Try entering the Faux Shop before eating the salt crystals.

  • Give Mathilde a brass bowl. She doesn't take that very well!

  • After putting the blacksmith troll to sleep, click on him. Yes, he's out!

  • Try giving the mechanical mouse to Brutus the Bridge Troll.

  • While Rosella is wearing the black cloak, wait for the Boogey-Man to show up. They'll have a strange conversation! (Thanks, Merope Orestes!)

  • Read the tombstones as both characters. (Thanks again, Merope Orestes!)

  • Fall into the open graves as both characters. Whoa!

If you know of any more KQ7 Easter Eggs or other fun stuff that is not on this list, please let me know.

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