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King's Quest 5
Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder

KQ5 Screenshots

The images are a bit distorted. The game itself looks a LOT better!

Fun Stuff

  • Easter Egg-Right after the wolf snatches Cedric, click the EYE on the middle mountain in the background. Sierra's logo mountain, perhaps?

  • Easter Egg-In Mordack's bedroom, there is a bust by the door. Click the EYE icon on it.

  • Easter Egg-In the game's diskette version, after sledding down the hill, throw the cloak over the broken sled to see something weird. Save before doing.

  • Walk by the ant hill to see "Graham's New Dance."

  • Forget to put on the cloak and see what happens! Save before doing.

  • There's something funny about the tailor, but I can't quite put my finger on it!

  • Fall off a cliff. It's hilarious! Save before doing, of course!
If you know of any more KQ5 Easter Eggs or other fun stuff that is not on this list, please let me know.

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