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King's Quest 4
The Perils of Rosella

KQ4 Screenshots

KQ4 Inventory

Name Where It's Found Points for Taking Use Points for Using Absolutely Necessary for Game Completion?
Gold Ball Under Stone Bridge 2 Drop into Pond to Lure Frog   Yes
Peacock Feather Beach on Genesta's Island 2 Tickle Whale's Uvula 5 Yes
Diamond Pouch Left by Dwarfs after Lunch 2 Offer Back to Dwarfs, Give to Fisherman   Yes
Shakespeare Book Shelf in Haunted House Parlor 2 Give to Minstrel   No*
Bow and Arrows Poolside after Cupid visits 2 Shoot Unicorn and Lolotte   Yes
Lute Gift from Minstrel 2 Attract Pan's Attention   No*
Shovel In Secret Tower 2 Dig up Items for Ghosts   Yes
Worm Sticking out of the Ground when Robin Flies Away 2 Bait Fishhook 1 Yes
Fishing Pole Gift from Fisherman   Gone Fishin'   Yes
Dead Fish Caught when Fishing 2 Feed to Pelican   Yes
Frog Pond   Kiss Him   Yes
Small Crown Gift from Frog Prince   Become Frog to Swim Under Waterfall   Yes
Lantern Gift from Dwarfs 2 Light up Troll Cave   No*
Board Under Waterfall 2 Cross Chasm, Cross Final Gap to Fruit Island   No*
Bone Just Inside Troll Cave 2 Give to Ogre's Dog   Yes
Bottle Floating Inside Whale 0 Contains an Easter Egg Note N/A No
Whistle Dropped from Pelican 2 To Call Dolphin for a Ride back to Tamir   Yes
Bridle Inside Wrecked Boat on Little Island   Put on Unicorn   Yes
Flute Gift from Pan 2 Hypnotize Cobra   No*
Hen Ogre's Table   Give to Lolotte, Return to Genesta   Yes
Axe Upstairs in Ogre's House 2 Scare the Grabby Trees   Yes
Eye Snatched from Witches   Bribe Witches   Yes
Scarab Gift from Witches in Exchange for Eye   Protection from Zombies and Mummy   Yes
Magic Fruit Hanging on Tree in Swamp 10 Save Graham! N/A No*
Rattle Buried at Baby's Tombstone 2 Give to Baby Ghost 2 Yes
Bag of Gold Coins Buried at Miser's Grave 2 Give to Miser Ghost 2 Yes
Locket Buried at "Lost-Her-Lover's" Grave 2 Give to Weeping Woman Ghost 2 Yes
Medal Buried at Lord Coningsby's Grave 2 Give to Lord of the Manor 2 Yes
Toy Horse Buried at Willy's Grave 2 Give to Little Boy Ghost 2 Yes
Sheet Music Trunk in Attic   Play on Organ   Yes
Skeleton Key Little Drawer in Organ   Unlock Crypt Door, Relock Crypt Door   Yes
Pandora's Box Crypt   Give to Lolotte, Return to Crypt   Yes
Rose Gift from Edgar   Take Key   Yes
Little Key Attached to Rose   Unlock Room Door, Unlock Lolotte's Door   Yes
Talisman Lolotte's Neck   Return to Genesta   Yes

*=These items lead up to getting the magic fruit. You can finish the game without getting it, but Rosella would then just go home to mourn Graham's death, making her journey to Tamir pretty pointless. If you want to see the happy ending to this game, I suggest getting these items!

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