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Smile If You Love Lemmings

Number of Lemmings: 20
50% to be saved
Release Rate: 99
Time: 5 Minutes

Smile If You Love Lemmings

Make the first one out a Digger. The second one may walk out of the hole, so have him start Digging his own hole just past the first.
2. Speed up release rate.
3. If you want, have the lone Digger Build, turn around, and Bash through to the other hole where all the others are.
4. About halfway down the big structure, have the Digger start Building to stop him. Now make one of these lemmings a Miner.
5. Obviously, you want him to be Mining in the direction of the exit. If he is not, make him a Builder to stop him, and make a Miner who is walking in the direction of the exit.
6. This should take them straight to the exit.

Fun Fact
There are a lot of ways to do this level actually. Try to find as many ways as you can!

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