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Not As Complicated As It Looks

Number of Lemmings: 80
95% to be saved
Release Rate: 88
Time: 5 Minutes

Not As Complicated As It Looks

Make the first one out a Blocker after a couple of steps.
2. That's pretty much all you have to do, so just watch them go into the exit.
3. Of course, if you're anything like me and want to save the Blocker for that 100%, there's a way to do it. Make the last lemming out a Floater as he is falling (to separate him from the crowd). When he gets close to the Blocker, have him start Mining. This will break the ground under the Blocker and he will start walking again. If the Miner turns around, have him start Building into what he has already Mined so he turns back around. Try again.
4. The freed Blocker will be walking the wrong way, so make him start Digging, then make him a Builder, and this will turn him around to the exit. Do the same with the Miner if he is still Mining.

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