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Laura Bow 2
The Dagger of Amon Ra

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The images are a bit distorted. The game itself looks a LOT better!

Fun Stuff

Act 1

  • Look at the urns at the top of Lo Fat's shelf. Find out what's in them!

  • Use the magnifying glass on the trash in the dirty cab.

  • Give the speakeasy doorman your press pass. Save first!

  • Touch both cab drivers.

  • Try going into the men's room.

  • Keep talking to the flapper in the bathroom. Yeesh!

Act 2

  • Easter Egg-Try talking to the bones in the Mastodon exhibit.

  • Ask Pippin Carter the same question twice. Then ask Tut Smith the same question twice. They may be at each other's throats, yet they give the exact same response to you!

  • Look at the baby triceratops. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

  • Touch the case where the Dagger should be. Oops!

  • Look at the purple pots in the gift shop. Pointless.

  • Click the magnifying glass on the food.

  • Touch Pippin's eyes, ears, tongue, and pants. Also, notice his boutonierre (sp?).

Act 3

  • Easter Egg-Notice the names in Carrington's phone book. Who could R. Williams be!

  • Easter Egg-Tank #14 in the Preservation Lab contains King Edward of Daventry! Tank #10 contains the unicorn from Tamir!

  • Easter Egg-After 1am, go down to the mammalian lab and wait until you see Daisy the ferret. Ask her about Yvette, Carrington, and the cheese. Also, click the snake oil on her!

  • Easter Egg-Look at the painting with the key. Apparently, the dying king is someone we know!

  • Touch the paintings on the left wall in the Gallery.

  • Try to remove the key while the Countess is there.

  • Click the magnifying glass on a light source.

  • Try to eat the steak.

  • Pour some snake oil down the drain in the preservation lab.

  • Show Yvette's garter to Tut Smith. Show him the cheese, too.

  • Ask Yvette about the carbon paper. She doesn't appreciate it!

  • Show Carrington's watch to the Countess. Wow!

  • Keep going into Ernie's office and bothering him. His threats get weird!

  • Touch Ziggy's head when not in the close-up. Hehe!

  • When he's on the mastodon, look at Ernie's left arm.

Act 4

  • Easter Egg-In the close up of Myklos's desk, click the magnifying glass on the papers on the floor. One of them is a fan letter!

  • Touch and look at Yvette's cleavage. Oh, my!

Act 5

  • Easter Egg-Read the hieroglyphs on the wall in the snake passageway. What an endorsement!

  • Easter Egg-Look at the teddy bear in the mummy room. Interesting names these things have!

  • Take the shovels.

  • Open the furnace. Save before doing.

  • Throw the cheese down the wrong doorway.
If you know of any more LB2 Easter Eggs or other fun stuff that is not on this list, please let me know.

This unofficial game webpage is not affiliated with Sierra. Most of the information here is copyright © 2000 by Sierra On-Line. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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