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Laura Bow 1
The Colonel's Bequest

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LB1 Inventory

Note: While some items aren't absolutely necessary to finish the game, obtaining all of them is necessary for getting the highest ranking at the end.
Some of these may be SPOILERS, so scroll slowly!

Name Where It's Found Earliest Act Use Absolutely Necessary for Game Completion?
Notebook Starting item 1 Nothing you control Yes
Oilcan Table in Carriage House 1 Oil Armor No
Crowbar Carriage in Carriage House 1 Pry Open Chapel Floor Board and Coffins No
Valve Handle Armor Helmet 1 Slot in Fountain Statue, Turn on Fountain No
Soup Bone Refrigerator 1 Lure Beauregard out of dog house No

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Laura Bow @ Tomato World!

The Colonel's Bequest The Dagger of Amon Ra

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