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Tomato Talk

I started Tomato World back in March 2000 originally to have a url for the nametags I posted in message boards. It's quite ironic how now Tripod doesn't allow linking elsewhere! Oh, well. Also, I planned on making a Sierra fansite like the others I'd seen. So I did it. This site underwent quite a few changes during the start-up period, and finally it went live in July 2000. Wanting other stuff on the site, I tacked on some ludicrous quizzes I made during ninth grade lunches, jokes page, and lyrics page. Finally, I made Tomato Talk, my message board. Sadly, it didn't see a lot of traffic, and it coincided with my own going away to school and having so much other important stuff to do. So Tomato Talk is no more. Everything is there, even now that I've returned to regular site management. I hope you enjoy everything.